Load Restraint Guidelines

The transport of industry gas cylinders presents unique hazards. Cylinders that areinappropriately restrained may endanger both er road users and the driver. Before transporting gas cylinders, it must be ensured that the vehicle is suitable for the task and all cylinders are restrained to prevent movement or dislodgement.

ANZIGA has recently developed the following new guidelines:

  • Load Restraint – Light Vehicles
  • Load Restraint – Non-Specialised Vehicles
  • Load Restraint – Specialised vehicles

Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law it is a requirement to ensure that all loads are appropriately secured and meet the required loading performance.

ANZIGA has prepared these new guidelines to assist those transporting gas cylinder to meet these obligations. The guidelines provide examples of the required restraint for light vehicles, specialised vehicles and non-specialised vehicles.

These guides can be downloaded from the publications section of this website.