Hydrogen Documents

The increased interest in hydrogen as an alternative energy source and the rapid developments towards its introduction has prompted ANZIGA to publish new guides to assist in its safe introduction.

ANZIGA members have unique expertise and experience in the production, transportation, storage and application of hydrogen. They are therefore well placed to be a major partner in the mission to a greener energy source and a cleaner future.

The following publications have been reproduced by ANZIGA with permission from the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA). These document has been provided as a useful guide to industry:

  • Environmental Impacts of Hydrogen Plants
  • Gaseous Hydrogen Installations
  • Hydrogen Cylinders and Transport Vessels
  • Hydrogen Pipeline Systems
  • Hydrogen Vent Systems for Customers Applications
  • Best Available Techniques for Hydrogen Production by Steam Methane Reforming

They can be downloaded from the publications section of this website.