About Us

ANZIGA‘s goals are to:

  • Promote an industry free of accidents and incidents
  • Embody the industrial gas industry to address Government, regulatory, statutory, industry and community matters
  • Facilitate the sharing of information on safety, health and environment matters
  • Enable standardisation throughout the industrial gas industry in health, safety environment matters as well as technical and operational matters
  • Promote the industrial gas industry and its growth.

ANZIGA provides a forum for its members where their experience in the safe production, handling and use of industrial, medical and special gases can be shared.

This allows ANZIGA to:

  • Provide authorities with expert advice in the preparation of regulations
  • Provide standardisation bodies with technological expertise in the preparation of standards
  • Initiate the development of appropriate standards
  • Co-operate with other associations in safety and standardisation matters
  • Review reported accidents with the objective of providing advice to members on how to prevent reoccurrence
  • Provide advice and guidance to members on technical issues, particularly those which are safety-related
  • Provide guidance on relevant environmental issues to demonstrate respect for the environment and to prevent pollution within the industrial gas industry
  • Provide advice to members on relevant international legislative issues and the action required for effective compliance.
  • Produce position papers presenting the industrial gases industry on specific issues to authorities, regulators and politicians.

ANZIGA is a company limited by guarantee financed by annual membership fees from its members.



ANZIGA membership is companies or associations engaged in the manufacture and distribution of industrial gases in Australia and New Zealand.

ANZIGA current members are:


Air Liquide BOC Coregas



The industrial gases industry is increasingly global in scope.  The major industrial companies operate in all the developed and developing parts of the world.  It is in the interest of enhanced safety, as well as improved efficiency, that industrial gas standards, and regulations, be consistent and applicable wherever gases are produced, distributed or used.

ANZIGA works in co-operation with other regional associations, namely, European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), Compressed Gases Association (CGA – USA), Asia Industrial Gases Association (AIGA) and Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association (JIMGA). 

The International Oxygen Manufacturers Association (IOMA) Global Committee established the International Harmonization Council (IHC) to develop international standards for industrial and medical gases.  ANZIGA participates in the harmonisation process across the gas industry on a global level through EIGA.